Project: Private Home Kensington, Sydney Australia

This architectural award-winning home located in Kensington NSW is the definition of a Californian bungalow. Carefully designed by Candelapas Associates, this home is crafted with specific materials and requirements to meet the end user’s needs.

Boasting with modern elegance, it is only fitting that such a home has Brio’s products installed throughout. To emphasise the home’s modern flair, a heavy-duty exterior timber panel was required for a top hung straight sliding application. The timber panel stood 3 metres tall and wide, weighing in at over 180kg – large and almighty to suit the aesthetics of this immaculate home.

The Exterior sliding doors were installed by Acacia Joinery using Brio’s Zero Clearance 350 hardware which is discreetly recessed into the panel to create a clean, uninterrupted look while panels operate smoothly with every slide. Environmental factors such as rain and wind were considered for this application and Zero Clearance 350 was suitable due to its premium aluminium and stainless-steel finishes, making it the perfect fit for this home.

Interior sliding shutters were also installed using Brio’s Single Run 120 hardware. The end user wanted a system which doubles as a partition wall and match the home’s interior design. This hardware was quick and simple to install, providing easy height adjustments for a standard straight sliding panel.

This home won the Australian Institute of Architects – Houses (Alterations and Additions) Award 2017.  Brio is honoured to have been part of such a great achievement and contributing towards a completed lifestyle for the family of this home.

Photography by: Brett Boardman

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